Maximum efficiency with Holz-Her machine networking

An integrated network of machines ensures production with maximum efficiency

Programming – Sawing – Edgebanding – CNC machining


Starting from an idea, the HOLZ-HER "CabinetControl" software allows realization of your planning with just a few clicks of the mouse. All cutting lists and CNC programs can be exported easily for production. After optimization of the cutting work, all workpieces are cut quickly and precisely on the HOLZ-HER pressure beam saw. The barcode generated during this process supplies all information required for further processing on the edgebander and CNC machine.

All dimension calculations, required by the jointing cutter unit and for attaching the edging, are already calculated automatically by the "CabinetControl". Final processing of the furniture parts is then accomplished on a CNC machining center.

Perfect work preparation and an optimized production sequence guarantee high quality and efficiency.