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How your carpentry shop can profit from the new NEXTEC

The new NEXTEC CNC series from HOLZ-HER provides the only complete solution for state-of-the-art furniture presentation, efficient production and profitable sale.

The NEXTEC makes furniture production more efficient and simpler for your carpentry shop.

Simply: Selecting – Adapting – Finished. Three steps to custom furniture

You have never produced custom furniture as simply, quickly and economically as with the NEXTEC. Just a mouse click is all that is required to select the desired template from the comprehensive library. In just two steps you can adapt the furniture to meet custom specifications – from the dimensions to the material and fittings. Then simply position the material on the machine - finished!

The intelligent NEXTEC software automatically generates all CNC processing programs, parts and material lists as well as the optimum nesting pattern for the workpieces. All you have to do is place the unfinished panel on the machine, the NEXTEC CNC does everything else.

The result: Perfectly formated workpieces including all vertical holes, grooves and cut-outs. No reclamping; No loss of time or quality!

Utilize the full value of your own workshop

NEXTEC revolutionizes the work in small and medium-sized carpentry shops, allowing you to produce custom furniture more efficiently. Working completely on your own – without using the services of large cutting and production companies.

In other words: Your turnover remains where it belongs. In your own shop.

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More than 300 pieces of carcass furniture in the library...

The CabinetSelect CAD module means you have a comprehensive collection of predefined 3D furniture at your disposal from all areas. Select the required item with just a click of the mouse and drag it into your shopping cart.

... and every single piece can be customized

Is the item of furniture you selected still not perfect? No problem: You can adapt every piece of furniture to your specific requirements by changing the parameters, height and depth as well as the definitions for the material and fittings, to produce your own custom furniture.

With the optional CabinetControl Pro we offer you even greater flexibility. This program allows you to design and configure cabinets with complete freedom, build your own libraries for CabinetSelect, define materials or fittings to meet your own specific requirements and much more.

A complete cabinet wall in less than 30 minutes? Very easy with NEXTEC.

As soon as you have selected your furniture template and adapted it where applicable, the NEXTEC generates all the required CNC programs for you as well as the nesting plans with optimized cutting and then starts production.

The display on the monitor provides advance information on the time required for the project. This ensures that you know exactly how much time you can plan for other work or for a refreshing break.

Demi and special formats? No problem with the NEXTEC!

Do you have plenty of material in stock, but much of it no longer corresponds to the usual standard formats? Simply let your NEXTEC measure the format, if necessary save it in the material database - and call it up for production as soon as it fits. Very simple.

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DirectCut transforms CNC machines to cutting centers

With DirectCut you operate your NEXTEC like a format circular saw – with the unbeatable comfort of a machining center. With the help of linear lasers, you can also visualize all the steps in advance directly on the material. This means you can immediately see whether everything is OK – and transform remnants into valuable workpieces.

Your selection - including connection technology

Regardless of which connection technology you prefer, NEXTEC provides the prerequisites for all common systems.

And this is not limited to the vertical: You can create shape locking pockets for P-systems yourself in one clamping operation quickly, reliably and unsurpassed with this unique system.

Smart Factory – with as little as 28 square meters of floor space

The secret of your workshop of the future: three processing modules combined in an extremely small space. The first processing step involves you compiling your ideal piece of furniture and adapting it – with just a click of the mouse.

Then the parts are generated automatically: All necessary CNC programs are created in the background, integrated into the parts list and nested by BetterNest to form optimized cutting plans - without any intervention on your part.

The perfect prerequisite for the step in the process: “Production”. Here the previously defined jobs are organized and started. Sorting is accomplished according to material and order. So you never lose sight of the planned processing times. And best of all: The production sequence is up to you! Simply Smart.

Video of HOLZ-HER Nextec

This is what the NEXTEC models 7705 and 7707 offer
NEXTEC 7735 - the 5-axis solution for new dimensions

Would you like more information or would you like to experience the NEXTEC live? Just give us a call