Maintenance & Inspection

A WEINIG service agreement means you no longer have to concern yourself with the operational safety or value retention of your machine.

Our Services - Your Benefits

  • Professional maintenance using model-specific checklists increases the operational safety of your machine / system.
  • Machine availability is increased via preventative maintenance. Downtimes are minimized.
  • Regular maintenance by an expert avoids expensive consequential damage.
  • Optimal appointment scheduling minimizes travel costs and machine downtime.

Service Level Agreements

  • Inspection according to machine-related maintenance checklist
  • Reduced hourly rate applies to all further service interventions within a year
  • Invoiced by time - no fixed  charged, no advance payment
  • Advance and own work possible to reduce cost
  • Positive impact on value retention and therefore on the resale value of your machine
  • Can be terminated at any time