Convinced by HOLZ-HER panel saws since 1987

The company thomas betonbauteile offers a wide range of concrete components with a high level of technical competence - from walls and ceilings to prefabricated parts for residential, commercial and industrial construction. Quality is a top priority here. The first HOLZ-HER woodworking machine has been in the company for over 30 years.

Quality is also the top priority for the machines used in production. The first HOLZ-HER panel saw - a SECTOR 1254 - has been in the company since 1987 and is still in use today. The durability and reliability of this panel saw are reasons why Sven Trumpa's team has repeatedly chosen HOLZ-HER. 

New challenge for the panel saw: managing high panel throughput. The performance and quality of the vertical saw, the good and reliable service as well as the optimal price-performance ratio of HOLZ-HER convince the company thomas betonbauteile once again.

The new panel saw is used to cut parts for negative moulds, in which the concrete for the components is then poured.