CNC machines from HOLZ-HER: the ideal model for every application

A HOLZ-HER CNC machining center offers you almost unlimited possibilities - whether in 3-, 4- or 5-axis machining. Built for the highest requirements, the solid and well thought-out construction of all CNC machines presents itself in a modern and application-oriented industrial design.

Complete CNC machining in compact formatt  Vertical CNC
Machining centers with HOLZ-HER nesting technology  CNC Nesting
CNC machining with 3-, 4- or 5-axis machining  CNC console

HOLZ-HER Nesting Technology: NEXTEC and DYNESTIC

Who are our nesting machines suitable for?

  • for all those who want to turn their joinery into a workshop of the future and produce furniture in an innovative, cost- and resource-saving way
  • the size of your joinery does not matter: the advantages of our NESTING machines belong to everyone
  • as an addition to your machine park or to replace the existing machine park

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  • Planning software: Interface to leading manufacturers of CAD/CAM software.
  • Certified Software: The connection of a variety of certified room planning software with tested post-processors is available to you.
  • Warehouse: Complete parts inventory for transfer to the CNC machining centre and pressure beam saw.
  • BetterNest: Automatic nesting and optimisation of nesting plans.
  • Produce: One click is all it takes to convert the order list into nesting plans and optimised cutting plans fully automatically in the background.
HOLZ-HER DYNESTIC series: Time-saving production with HOLZ-HER nesting technology.
NEXTEC: Customised furniture at the touch of a button. NEXTEC revolutionises the way joineries work.

Why customers have chosen a NEXTEC or DYNESTIC


  • in three steps to individual made-to-measure furniture: Select. Adapt. Done.
  • intelligent software automatically creates all CNC machining programmes, piece and material lists as well as the optimal nesting of the workpieces
  • 100 % added value in your own workshop: without using the services of large cutting and manufacturing companies
  • Connector technology freely selectable - horizontal and vertical
  • modern workshop of the future from a floor space of 28 m²

EVOLUTION: Vertical CNC in the smallest space

Who is the EVOLUTION suitable for? 

  • ideal for joineries with limited space - CNC machining on only 5m²
  • for CNC newbies: easy to operate and low-maintenance, but at the same time incredibly versatile
  • the EVOLUTION as an infeed machine: Relieving the nesting line and expanding the product portfolio

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  • 4mat: Complete processing on all 4 sides with the 7402 | 7405 4mat.
  • Doors Ready - The door package: Lock case milling cutter and hinges. Optionally with the 7405 4mat or Connect.
  • XL passage: The EVOLUTION models are even more flexible in their use due to the increased opening dimension of 1200 mm in the workpiece height.
  • Free choice of connectors: All in one clamping: Lamello Clamex or OVVO connector technology with the 7405 connect.
  • xcut package: For easy processing and optimum utilisation of cut panel strips in carcase production.

Doors Ready: for the complete processing of door leaves up to max. 70 mm thickness.

xcut: Efficient and cost-saving from panel strip to finished furniture.

Why customers choose the EVOLUTION


  • versatile use, for example in the production of windows, doors or cabinets
  • small machining center - wide range for absolute versatility
  • simple and comfortable 
  • full-fledged CNC in the smallest of spaces

The HOLZ-HER CNC machining centers: For high-end machining with 3-, 4- or 5-axis technology

For whom are our CNC machining centers suitable for?

  • for professionals / not necessarily made for CNC beginners
  • for the production of very individual and non-standard furniture: the PRO-MASTER series offers almost unlimited possibilities in wood and plastic machining
  • highly flexible, especially for the production of carcase parts and the milling of solid wood

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  • CAMPUS package: High-quality and user-friendly CNC software with office and machine licence. Elaborate 3D simulation module as standard. Integrated CAD module and versatile macros for easy programming.
  • Tool changer: Innovative shuttle tool changer with up to 60 tool positions complements the selection of travelling plate changers.
  • Drilling head: Optional 24-spindle drilling unit and integrated grooving saw for even more effective execution of all drilling patterns.
  • Lock case cutters: Powerful horizontal milling unit for effective machining of door and frame components.
  • CabinetControl: Furniture design and creation of finished CNC programmes in minutes with just a few mouse clicks.
CNC machining center PRO-MASTER: 5-axis - new dimension in CNC woodworking
Milling a hemisphere with the PRO-MASTER 7125 from HOLZ-HER

Why customers chose the PRO-MASTER or the EPICON


  • Variety in the production of carcase furniture, single or series production also possible, staircase construction, door production and much more
  • user-friendly HOLZ-HER machine control
  • rational processing and high flexibility in the production of carcase parts

Product Videos CNC Machining Machines

High-performance 5-axis technology: PRO-MASTER 7125
5 axes for maximum flexibility: PRO-MASTER 7225
EVOLUTION 7405 - Vertical machining center
7405 Application - "Think Weinig" milling unit

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